CSXT 4089 and CSXT 4046 switching on the east end of DeWitt Yard

 While out roaming around for photographs, I came across a switch job working on the eastern end of DeWitt Yard in Minoa, New York. CSXT 4089 and CSXT 4046 were working with a string of freight cars along North Central Avenue, just to the east of the pedestrian bridge (known as the Green Bridge). 

CSXT 4089 and CSXT 4046

CSXT 4089 and CSXT 4046 are SD40-3 rebuilds. They were both originally built as SD40-2 models, by EMD. According to RRPicturesArchive.net, CSXT 4046 was built as Louisville and Nashville (LN) 8122, in 1980. I'm unsure when 4089 was built. The SD40-3 rebuilds feature new cabs, control systems, and positive train control (PTC). 

CSXT 4089 and 4046 stopped, before shoving backwards
CSXT 4089 and 4046 stopped, before shoving backwards.

After capturing the above image, I walked up onto the Green Bridge to capture a few more photographs of the switching job from above. The Green Bridge is a bit difficult to take photographs from due to the chain link fencing on it, and some power lines roughly fifty feet west of the bridge. I had to lay down on the walkway in order to take the following images without getting the power lines in my photographs.

CSXT 4089 and CSXT 4046 is a view from the Green Bridge
CSXT 4089 and CSXT 4046 from the Green Bridge

After shoving their string of cars back into the yard, the locomotives began pulling forward toward the Green Bridge. One of the train crew came out onto the front of CSXT 4089 as the train slowly moved east.

CSXT 4089 and CSXT 4046 pull their cars forward in DeWitt Yard
CSXT 4089 and CSXT 4046 pull their cars forward in DeWitt Yard.

The string of railroad cars to the right of the switch job are, I believe, sitting on what is referred to as the North Runner track. In the distance, behind the tank cars, you can see a mid-train distributed power unit (DPU).

The switch job nears the "Green Bridge."

Photographs taken on October 2, 2021, at Minoa, New York.


  1. I bat you were a sight laying on the bridge walkway. LOL The things we do for our photography. Great shots from it!

    1. Thank goodness there wasn't a lot of people around. Only one kid on a bike came across the bridge while I was there and he stopped to look at me. He was probably wondering if I had fallen down!


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