CNDX (CT rail/CDOT) 6705 on Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited, at Kirkville, NY.

This past Tuesday, I saw on Virtual Railfan's, Fairport, New York, camera chat that CT rail 6705 was coming east on Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited that day. I decided to try and catch the the Lake Shore Limited, so I headed over to CSX's Syracuse Terminal Subdivision, along Saintsville Road, at Kirkville, New York.

AMTK 104, AMTK 105, and CNDX 6705

CSX's Syracuse Terminal Subdivision runs parallel to Saintsville Road, between milepost (MP) 282 and milepost 280. I decided to set up at Auto 280/CP280, which is at MP 280.5. This location has a safe area that you can pull off to the side of the road and has a clear view to the east and west.

AMTK 104, AMTK 105, and CNDX (CDOT/CT rail) 6705 lead the Lake Shore Limited
AMTK 104, AMTK 105, and CNDX (CDOT/CT rail) 6705 lead the Lake Shore Limited.

After about a fifteen-minute wait, I saw the headlight of the Lake Shore Limited (Amtrak train 48/CSX train P048) on the eastern edge of DeWitt Yard, at MP 282.5. Soon, the Lake Shore Limited, led by AMTK 104, AMTK 105, and CNDX 6705 were rolling through Auto 280 on Track 2. Auto 280 and CP 280 sit side-by-side here.

CNDX (CDOT/CT rail) 6705 is the third locomotive on Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited
CNDX (CDOT/CT rail) 6705 is the third locomotive on Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited.

CNDX (CDOT's official reporting mark) 6705, is an ex-Amtrak unit that CT rail purchased and had rebuilt by Amtrak. The locomotive was on its way back to Connecticut, from Amtrak's maintenance shop at Beech Grove, Indiana. The locomotive will be used by the Connecticut Department of Transportation's commuter rail services.

Photographs taken on November 9, 2021, at Kirkville, New York.


  1. Neat shots! I like that CT rail one.

    1. Thank you, Shelly. I really like the CT Rail paint scheme, as well.


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