CSXT 3325 leading I017-23 on the Rochester Subdivision

With a fresh coating of snow on the ground, from an overnight snowfall, my youngest and I headed out to see if we could find any trains on CSX's Rochester Subdivision. We heard train I017-23 call out that it had a clear signal at control point (CP) 290, which is in Syracuse, New York, on the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision. We were at Warners, New York, about ten miles ahead of I017-23, so I decided to go to Memphis, New York, to catch the train.

CSXT 3325 leads I017-23 west at MP QC302 of the Rochester Subdivision
CSXT 3325 leads I017-23 west at MP QC302 of the Rochester Subdivision.

We arrived at the Bennett's Corner Road crossing (MP QC 302.54), in Memphis, New York, and soon saw the headlight of CSXT 3325 on the point of I017-23 in the far distance. I017 is a daily priority intermodal train that runs from Worchester, Massachusetts to Bedford Park, Illinois. 

I017-23 disappears into a cloud of snow to the west of Bennett's Corner Road.

Moving at a speed of 56MPH (per the defect detector at MP QC 302.6) I017-23 came roaring through the quite town kicking up snow, on Track 1 of the Rochester Subdivision. After passing by the crossing, the long string of double-stack cars kicked up enough snow to make I017 disappear into a cloud of snow near MP QC 303.

Photographs taken on December 23, 2021, at Memphis, New York.


  1. Nice action shot! Interesting about the defect detector, I have never noticed those, the UP and BNSF ones may look different I guess. Looks like your youngest is the biggest train fan? Seems to be along with you on your trips more often.

    1. Thanks, Shelly.

      The defect detectors on the UP and BNSF should be similar. But the detectors are easy to miss because they are not very tall and sit below the top of the rails.


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