AMTK 96 leading Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited at Memphis, NY.

With a very low chance of snow forecasted yesterday, I headed out to run some errands. While driving to the grocery store the youngest fell asleep in the car. Not wanting to disturb the nap, I made a detour over to Memphis, New York, along CSX's Rochester Subdivision. As seems to be the case lately, the forecast proved to be wrong. 

No snow at Memphis?

I arrived at Memphis, NY., and snow started to fall heavily. Apparently, the weather did not get the memo about the low chance of snow and no snow accumulation for the day. I am starting to think I should just disregard the weather forecast and assume there will be snow fall every day. In total, between yesterday and last night, my area got about 3-4 inches of fluffy lake-effect snow, on top of what we already had.

Snow falls on the Rochester Subdivision, at Memphis, NY
Snow falls on the Rochester Subdivision, at Memphis, NY.

AMTK 96 leading the Lake Shore Limited

I heard the Lake Shore Limited making its way east over the Rochester Subdivision on Track 2 as it passed over the defect detectors (DD) along the rail line. I first heard it get an all clear from the DD at milepost (MP) QC 334.0 (Lyons, New York). Then a little later it passed the DD at MP QC 323.6 (Savannah, New York), and then the DD at MP 313.7 (Centerport, New York). Memphis is at 302.6, so the train was now only hair over eleven miles away and was traveling at seventy plus miles per hour. 

AMTK 96 leads train the Lake Shore Limited east at Memphis, NY
AMTK 96 leads train the Lake Shore Limited east at Memphis, NY.

Just before the train got to Memphis, the snow let up. Soon, I spotted the headlight of AMTK 96 coming around the curve to the west of milepost 302, leading the Lake Shore Limited toward my location. Traveling at 77MPH, the train was kicking up a nice amount of freshly fallen snow. 

Photograph taken on January 25, 2022, at Memphis, New York.


  1. Neat shot with it coming out of the snow! We are the opposite. They say we are going to get snow, and maybe a good amount and then nothing. We are really dry here, wish we would get some or rain, preferably rain. LOL

    1. Thanks a lot, Shelly. I'm loving the winter up here. The snow is great to take photographs of.


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