Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited in the snow at Warners, NY.

On Tuesday, my youngest and I went over to Memphis, New York, to try and catch a train or two in the snow that had fallen from a recent storm. Initially, we headed there to catch Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited. While waiting for the Lake Shore Limited, CSX train I009-17 passed through Memphis. As I009 was approaching our position, I heard the Amtrak crew call out clear at milepost QC 317. We were at milepost QC 302.6. Instead of photographing the Lake Shore Limited at Memphis, I decided to head over to one of my favorite spots along the Rochester Subdivision at Pottery Road in Warners, New York. 

AMTK 112 leading the Lake Shore Limited at Warners, New York

As we left Memphis, I heard the defect detector (DD) at milepost QC 313.7 give an all clear to the Lake Shore Limited (LSL). The LSL was closing the distance to us quickly. The DD reported a speed of 70 plus MPH for the LSL. We managed to get to Pottery Road, near milepost QC 298 just as the headlight of the LSL appeared in the distance at CP300 (milepost QC 300.7). 

AMTK 112 leads the Lake Shore Limited past the milepost 298 marker
AMTK 112 (a GE P42DC) leads the Lake Shore Limited past the 298 milepost.

As the train passed, I remembered that I heard another train inform the LSL's crew earlier in the morning that one AMTK 112's multi-unit (MU) or head-end-power (HEP) cables was dragging on the ground. Sure enough, on the conductor's side of the locomotive you can see the cable hanging down and dragging on the ground. I believe this is one of the locomotive's HEP cables. HEP cables are used to provide power to the passenger cars. MU cables are used to connect the operational controls of multiple locomotives together.

A tighter photograph showing AMTK 112's dragging cable
A tighter photograph showing AMTK 112's dragging HEP cable.

Photographs taken on January 18, 2022, at Warners, New York.


  1. Hope that not connected cable wasn't causing any issues. Neat shots! Envious of your snow shots.

    1. No issues that I know of Shelly. The crew reported they were aware of it, and would secure it once they got to Syracuse, NY., which was only about ten minutes away at the time I took the photograph.


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