CSXT 833 leading I017 at Auto 280/CP280 of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision

Early on December 22, 2021, the Syracuse, New York, area had snow flurries falling, heavily at times. There wasn't much snow accumulating on the ground, but there were enough flurries falling that I thought they would make for an interesting photograph with a train.

I017 at Auto 280

My youngest and I went to Kirksville, New York, and as I drove east on Saintsville Road, I saw the headlight of priority intermodal train I017-22. The train was to the east of the Kirksville Road North crossing, which is a half of a mile east of Automatic 280/Control Point (CP) 280 (milepost 280.5). CP280 is a semi-CP. That means that only some of the tracks are governed by the CP. Tracks 1 and 2 are controlled by Automatic block signals.

I017, with CSXT 833 and CSXT 473, rolls east on Track 2 at CP280
I017, with CSXT 833 and CSXT 473, rolls east on Track 2 through Auto 280, next to CP280.

Train I017 runs daily from Worcester, Massachusetts, to Bedford Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. With CSXT 833 and CSXT 473 leading, plus mid-train distributed power unit (DPU) CSXT 3130, I017 wasn't losing any time as it rolled west on Track 2 of the STS. CSXT 3130 is tucked in between the double-stack cars in the background, close to the crossing signals. 

I017, with CSXT 833 and CSXT 473, split the block signals for Track 2 and Track 1 at CP280
I017, with CSXT 833 and CSXT 473, split the auto block signals for Track 2 and Track 1, next to CP280.

Photograph taken on December 22, 2021, at Kirksville, New York.


  1. Nice shots in the snow! I have always wanted to get train shots in snow, especially steam ones. :-)

    1. Thanks, Shelly. Don't you get a fair amount of snow out in Kansas? It always seemed my friends who lived in KC for many years got a lot of snow coming out of Kansas.

    2. Not any more. Lately if we get 2 inches at a time that's a lot. We did get that a couple weeks ago but train traffic here is down too.

    3. Train frequency is down everywhere. Some of it supply chain issues, but most of it is due to PSR. The railroad's gift to Wallstreet. Slash and burn costs, then run longer and fewer trains. Then when something goes wrong, the railroad is in jam.


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