FGLK 2304 switching at Solvay, NY.

While out running errands the 22nd, of last month, I happened to drive through Solvay, New York. As I crossed the Finger Lakes Railway (FGLK) tracks at Bridge Street, I saw that a switch job was working the Solvay Yard to the east.

FGLK 2304

FGLK 2304 works at Solvay Yard, near Bridge Street
FGLK 2304 works at Solvay Yard, near Bridge Street.

Working the yard today as FGLK 2304, a General Electric (GE) B23-7. It was built as Southern Railway (SOU) 4016, in 1981. The locomotive was originally built with a high nose, but it was later rebuilt with a low nose. The locomotive has a remote-control system. The antenna for the remote system is visible on the front of the locomotive. 

FGLK 2304 works on the south lead track at the western end of the yard.

The railway yard at Solvay is the railroad's eastern terminus. The FGLK's main line is the old New York Central's (NYC) Auburn Branch. The Auburn Branch was originally NYC's main line before the Water Level Route was built to the north of it. After the Water Level Route was built, the line became known as the Auburn Branch. It runs from Solvay, New York, to Canadaigua, New York. Going west from Solvay, some of the New York towns and cities it passes through are:  Martisco, Auburn, Cayuga, Seneca Falls, Geneva, Phelps, and Shortsville. At Shortsville, New York, there is a connection with a line to Victor, New York, that is operated by FGLK owned Ontario Central (ONCT). 

Photographs taken on December 22, 2021, at Solvay, New York.


  1. That's neat! There is an area in St Jo Missouri that is marked with signs that the locos have no engineers so people aren't freaked out I guess when they see them.

    1. Usually, the remote units aren't mounted on the front of the locomotive like this, at least not that I have seen. This is the first time I can remember seeing it mounted like this.


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