KCSM 4879 and KCS 4053 leading CSX train W810-03 at Warners, NY.

Recently, CSX and Kansas City Southern (KCS) have been moving some equipment of the 10th Mountain Division back home to Fort Drum, New York. Over the first two weeks of February, five trains carrying military equipment have made their way through the Central New York area. All five of the trains going to Fort Drum have been led by Kansas City Southern and Kansas City Southern de Mexico locomotives. Since foreign power on CSX's Rochester Subdivision is rarer now than in the past, I headed out last Wednesday to catch the fourth train.

KCSM 4879 & KCS 4053 lead W810-03 east at MP 298, at Warners, NY
KCSM 4879 & KCS 4053 lead W810-03 at MP 298, at Warners, NY.

The trains were reported to be moving equipment back to Fort Drum, from Fort Polk, Louisiana. They traveled over the KCS from Fort Polk, Louisiana, north to Kansas City (KC), Missouri. Then, from KC the trains head east over the KCS to Rose Lake, Illinois, just north of East St. Louis, Illinois. From Rose Lake the trains continued northeast on CSX through Indianapolis, Indiana; Cleveland, Ohio; Buffalo, New York; and Syracuse, New York. Once at Syracuse the trains head north on the St. Lawrence Subdivision to Fort Drum, just outside of Watertown, New York. In all, the trip is roughly 1,700 miles. 

KCSM 4879 & KCS 4053 eastbound at Warners, NY
KCSM 4879 & KCS 4053 eastbound at Warners, NY.

Photographs taken on February 9, 2022, at Warners, New York.


  1. Neat to see some of our area locomotives out in your area. :-)

    1. This was definitely a nice catch. I haven't seen any KCS locomotives in person since I lived in the St. Louis area. And with the CP-KCS merger looking like it's a sure thing, someday this paint scheme will probably be gone. Though it'll probably take a decade or more for the locomotives to all be painted.


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