Snowfall over a forest by drone, near Syracuse, NY.

We've had snow almost continuously on the ground here in the Syracuse area since just after New Year's. The snow has melted off a bit at times, but new snow always seems to fall. The day before I took this photograph a significant amount of the snow on the ground had melted off so that one could actually see the grass in places. However, that was short lived, and more snow fell overnight and the next morning. 

A northward view of the forest behind my house
Looking north over the forest behind my house.

With a break in the snowfall and some sunshine breaking through the clouds, I set up my drone to practice using it some more and capture the forest behind my house again. As I was sending the drone up, the sky clouded up again and snow started falling. I quickly snapped a few shots and brought the drone back down to the ground. The river seen through the trees on the left side is the Seneca River.

Photograph taken on February 18, 2022, near Syracuse, New York.


  1. We need some of your snow though I would rather have it in rain. We are in a pretty bad drought. Nice drone image!

    1. While it doesn't look like it, the CNY area is having a bit of a snow drought. I was just reading an article yesterday listing the snow totals for NY., and normally by the end of February, Syracuse has gotten an average of 100 inches of snow for the winter. We are only at 55 inches for this winter.

      Here's hoping you get some rain soon over your way.


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