KCSM 4763 as the DP on ethanol train B725-23 at Kirkville, NY

 Yesterday, the youngest and I went to Kirkville, New York, to catch a couple of trains on CSX's Syracuse Terminal Subdivision (STS). After photographing Amtrak train P284 from alongside Saintsville Road, we headed to Brewer Road, where it dead-ends at the tracks on the north side.

KCSM on B725-23 at Auto 280

As we drove down Brewer Road toward Syracuse Terminal Subdivision, loaded ethanol train B725-23 rolled east in front of us. B725-23 was interesting because it had Canadian Pacific (CP) 8947 leading and Kansas City Southern de Mexico (KCSM) 4763 as the end-of-train DP unit. B725-23 was handed off to CSX from CP at Bensenville, Illinois. Its destination is Sewaren, New Jersey. I honestly thought that B725-23 was long gone from the Syracuse, New York area and that I had missed it.

KCSM 4763 is the end-of-train DP unit on B725-23 at CP280 of the STS
KCSM 4763 is the end-of-train DP unit on B725-23 at Auto 280/CP280 of the STS.

Having missed the lead CP unit, I quickly grabbed my camera and set it up to capture KCSM 4763 as it passed through the Auto 280 block signals of the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision. Control point (CP) 280 it the leftmost block signal. Here, B725-23 is eastbound on Track 2, with the train stretching through the North Kirkville Road crossing about a half of a mile to the east.

Photograph taken on March 25, 2022, at Kirkville, New York.


  1. Neat to see one of our kind of locals out in your area. I had a co-worker who never liked to think about the tanker cars carrying dangerous items so she just thought of them as carrying syrup. LOL

    1. Thanks, Shelly. There has been quite a bit of foreign power here in Central New York lately. Some UP, BNSF, KCS, and CP on many of the through trains recently.

      Well, for your former coworker's mental health, sometimes they do have syrup: https://photoblog.tomgatermann.com/2014/03/bnsf-614-at-mount-pleasant-ia.html


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