CSX train B727 with CP 9366 and CP 8633 at Memphis, NY

  B727 is a loaded ethanol train that runs from Bensenville, Illinois, to Linden, New Jersey. The train is handed off from Canadian Pacific (CP) to CSX at Bensenville. Often ethanol trains like B727 continue with their run-through power. Other times the receiving railroad will swap out the delivering railroad's locomotive power for their own. 

B727-30 at Memphis, NY.

From the air, CP 9366 and & CP 8633 lead B727-30 east at the defect detector (MP 302.6) in Memphis, NY.
From the air, CP 9366 and & CP 8633 lead B727-30 east at the defect detector (MP 302.6) in Memphis, NY.

  I saw this train pass by Virtual Railfan's cameras at Fairport, New York, just after 8 AM Wednesday. By the time I got out the door, I was sure I had missed my opportunity to photograph it. Luck was on my side, though not the train's crew. B727-30 stopped to allow Amtrak's Empire Service train P284 to pass it near milepost (MP) 313. Then, when B727 went to start moving again, the lead engine's prime mover wouldn't start. Talking with CSX's mechanical department in Jacksonville, Florida, didn't help get the locomotive started.

B727-30 is slowly passing MP QC 303, just to the west of Bennetts Corners Rd. The Auto 303 block signals are in the distance.

  After several failed attempts to get CP 9366 started, the train slowly made its way east on CSX's Rochester Subdivision using only the motive power from CP 8633, the trailing unit. This limited the trains speed to about twenty-five miles per hour from MP 313 to CP286. Once in Syracuse the train tied down on Track 7 between CP290 and CP286. The mechanical department at DeWitt Yard was to come and take a look at CP 9366.

Photographs taken on June 1, 2022, at Memphis, New York.


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