CSXT 3436 leading I017-10 at Weedsport, NY. (Centerport)

  Yesterday, I caught CSX's intermodal train I017 at Weedsport, New York, on its daily trek from Worcester, Massachusetts, to Chicago, Illinois. CSXT 3436 is leading I017-10 west at the Oakland Road bridge at milepost (MP) QC 313.1 of CSX's Rochester Subdivision. A half mile west of Oakland Road is a defect detector at MP QC 313.7 and a little further west is Control Point (CP) 313 (MP 314.0).

CSXT 3436 leads I01710 west under the Oakland Rd. bridge at Weedsport, NY.
CSXT 3436 leads I01710 west under the Oakland Rd. bridge at Weedsport, NY.

   The area is beteween Weedsport, New York, and Port Byron, New York, is commonly called Centerport. Centerport and Port Byron were old ports on the Erie Canal before the canal was moved north to the Seneca River. Centerport isn't a town or hamlet, and the area is part of the Town of Mentz, New York. The area is on the west side of Weedsport and northeast of Port Byron.

CSXT 514 is the distributed power unit on I017-10 in this view looking west toward Centerport.
CSXT 514 is the distributed power unit on I017-10, in this view looking west. The front of the train is at CP 313 and is passing through the Centerport defect detector.

Photographs taken on January 10, 2023, at Weedsport, New York.


  1. Very long train, but I can see the engine in the middle this time.
    I suspect the fields look a bit different today than they did in this picture? It looked like the snow storm went more south than expected, we were brushed by the top of it with 20cm or so (8"±)

  2. We got a dusting of snow this morning, maybe a half inch. Less than was forecasted. This winter here has been very odd. There has been hardly any snow.

  3. Great shots! My first thought was, that is quite a long one. They moved the canal? Interesting. I need to research that. Learn something new all the time.

    1. The canal has had multiple iterations over the years. The original canal, then the enlarged canal, which is what many are historically familiar with, and the current canal. The current canal, once commonly called the barge canal, uses many of the rivers across New York. From Albany, NY., to north of the Syracuse, NY., area the canal uses the Mohawk River. From Syracuse west towards Savannah, NY., it uses the Seneca River. South of Savannah, NY., and west of Montezuma, NY., the canal leaves the Seneca River and continues west to Rochester, NY. Portions of the rivers were enlarged for the current day canal.

    2. Very interesting. I was thinking it went by where a couple of my Aunts and Uncles lived in Ft Plain but when I looked only saw the Mohawk River. Well, that is why. Thanks!


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