CSX Geometry Train W003 at Syracuse, NY.


W003-15 with CSXT 9969 sits on the Peat Street Lead near the west side CSX's DeWitt Yard.
W003-15 with CSXT 9969 sits on the Peat Street Lead near the west side CSX's DeWitt Yard.

 CSX geometry train W003 made an appearance in Central New York this week. The consist of W003 is comprised of CSXT 9969, a rebuilt EMD GP40WH-2; Hocking Valley, a crew quarters car; and TGC3, the track geometry car. CSXT 9969 is always paired with W003. W003-14 came east from Buffalo, New York, on February 14th, and then tied down overnight in East Syracuse, New York. The next day W003-15 went north from East Syracuse to Massena, New York.

CSXT 9969 is shoving W003-15 west through CP 286 next to the old Spano Rail facility.
CSXT 9969 is shoving W003-15 west on Main 1 through CP 286 next to the old Spano Rail facility (left).

  Before going north to Massena, W003-15 had pull east off of the Peat Street Lead to the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision at Control Point (CP) 285 (west side of DeWitt Yard). It then shoved west from CP 285 to CP 291. CP 291, in Syracuse, New York, is where the St. Lawrence Subdivision to Massena starts. At CP 291 W003-15 tested both legs of the wye that joins the St. Lawrence Subdivision and the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision. 

W003-15 backs east on the east leg of the wye at CP 291. The view is looking north, with Onondaga Lake in the background.

  The geometry car, TGC3, uses special sensors to examine the geometry of the tracks looking for defects that could adversely affect the safe operation of trains. Aspects of the tracks that are looked at include alignment, curvature, track gauge, and the profile of the rail. 

Photographs taken on February 15, 2023.


  1. There's a lot to running a RR that most people don't know about

    1. It does take an army of people and machines to keep the railroad running right.

    2. They need to do more of this recently it would seem with all the derailments in the news on various railroads. Neat catch.

    3. This type of inspection happens a lot. One of CSX geometry trains comes through here two or three times a year. Also, there are daily track inspections by track inspectors in high rail vehicles (those pickup trucks you see rolling down the tracks). Unfortunately, these types of inspections wouldn't have prevented the most recent derailment in Ohio.


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