CSXT 891 leading Q621 off the St. Lawrence Subdivision at Syracuse, NY.

  After catching train B727 at Memphis, New York, my youngest and I headed to Syracuse, New York, to catch CSX train Q621. Q621 was coming south on the St. Lawrence Subdivision towards Control Point (CP) 291, where it would then go east on the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision.

Q621 at CP291

CP291 has a wye interchange between the St. Lawrence Subdivision and the Syracuse Terminal Subdivision. The CP sits on the northeast side of Destiny USA Mall. Interstate 81 (I-81) crosses over the northeastern edge of CP291, and the Syracuse Amtrak station is just northeast of I-81. The Syracuse Terminal Subdivision runs on a northeast-southwest alignment at the southern end of Onondaga Lake. The St. Lawrence Subdivision runs on a north-south alignment on the eastern side of the lake.

CSXT 891 leads Q621 off the St. Lawrence Subdivision and around the east leg of CP291's wye
With Onondaga Lake in the background, CSXT 891 leads Q621 onto the east leg of CP291's wye. The train will soon pass under I-81 and then pass by the Amtrak station.

Train Q621 (as of June 4, 2022, M621) is a southbound/eastbound manifest train that runs daily from Massena, New York, to Selkirk, New York. The train brings interchange traffic from Canadian National and other carloads gathered by local trains along the line. Q621 and its counterpart train, Q620 (as of June 4, 2022, M620), are the only through-freights on the St. Lawrence Subdivision. Any other train is a local operating on the line. At DeWitt Yard in Syracuse, New York, the train stops to drop off and pick up other railcars and change crews.

Photograph taken on June 1, 2022, at Syracuse, New York.


  1. Great image! Lovely composition and view.

    1. Thanks a lot, Shelly. The overcast day really worked well in my opinion to give some "atmosphere" to the image.


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