UP 6024 and UP 7834 leading CSX train X626 at Memphis, NY.

Foreign locomotive power on CSX trains seems to have increased recently. For a short period of time last year CSX was removing as much foreign power as it could to save on repaying horsepower hours to other railroads. Over the past couple of months CSX trains on the Rochester Subdivision have had foreign power from other railroads, including BC Rail (a Candian National operated railroad), BNSF, Canadian National (CN), Canadian Pacific, Illinois Central (IC, and CN owned), Kansas City Southern, and Union Pacific (UP). Previously, for a few months CSX was pulling foreign power and replacing it with its own locomotives.

X626-18 at Memphis, NY.

UP 6024 is on the point of CSX train X626-18 at Memphis, NY
UP 6024 is on the point of CSX train X626-18 at Memphis, NY.

This past Saturday I was lucky and caught CSX train X626-18 being led by UP 6024 and UP 7834. I caught X626 as it rolled east at 40MPH on Track 2 of the CSX Rochester Subdivision, at Memphis, New York. The "X" designation means this is an extra section of train Q626. I got the train speed from the defect detector located at Memphis, which is located just ahead of the train's location in this photograph.

According to NF, the Rochester Subdivision's dispatcher, it was to be combined with another train that was parked further east at Belle Isle in Syracuse, New York. Belle Isle is a siding with a short pocket track next to the New York State Fairgrounds. Belle Isle siding runs between CP296 and CP293.

Later in the day, after catching this train, I caught CSX priority intermodal train I004-18 a few miles east of Memphis, New York, at Warners, New York.


  1. Nice catch of the "foreign" power. :-)

    1. Thanks, Shelly. Many railfans up this way get over-the-top excited when foreign power makes its way on this line. I'm glad to see it, but I am still not tired of CSX Blue.


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