CSX L030-11, the Jordan Turn, plus CSX manifest Q367-11

CSXT 6516 and the L030-11 at Jordan, NY

CSX train L030, nicknamed the Jordan Turn, is a CSX local that works industries along CSX's Rochester Subdivision between Macedon, New York, and Jordan, New York. The local runs five days a week, Monday through Friday

The Jordan Turn

When I came upon L030-11 working in Jordan, New York, the train had just finished its work at the Central New York Feeds mill. CSXT 6516 was heading west down the Jordan Industrial lead to run around the set of freight cars that it would take back to Rochester. The CNYF mill is the last industry that L030 works at before heading back west to its home base in Rochester. 

CSXT 6516 is back on the Jordan Industrial track and is backing toward its string of cars
CSXT 6516 is back on the Jordan Industrial track and is backing toward its string of cars.

Generally, L030 heads out from Rochester early in the morning, between 5:30 AM to 7:00 AM. On March 11, 2022, the day I took these photographs, L030-11 (the 11 is the date of the train's origin) passed by the Virtual Railfan camera at Fairport, New York, just east of Rochester, at 6:50 AM. 

6516, running long-hood forward, takes the switch to the run-around track
6516, running long-hood forward, takes the east switch to the run-around track.

The Jordan Turn makes a roundtrip of approximately 120 miles, by rail, from its home rail yard in Rochester, New York, to Jordan. Until March 5, 2022, this train ran as B790. However, CSX is now using the "B" symbol for bulk commodity trains, such as ethanol trains.

Q367-11 lead by CSXT 3080

Rail traffic on the Rochester Subdivision was busy this morning. L030-11 had to wait almost an hour before it could get clearance from CSX's NF dispatcher to depart Jordan. L030-11 was held up for intermodal train I009-10, Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited (P048-11), and manifest train Q367-11.

CSXT 3080 leads Q367-11 west at CP308, while L030-11 waits in the background
CSXT 3080 leads Q367-11 west at CP308, while L030-11 waits in the background.

With Q367-11 on the way, I headed over to the Pump Road crossing to catch it coming through control point (CP) 308. CP308 sits on the country line between Onondaga County and Cayuga County. Once Q367-11 crosses through the CP, it will be in Brutus, New York, in Cayuga County. However, the eastern side of Brutus is commonly called Jordan.

Q367 is a daily manifest freight train that originates at CSX's Selkirk Yard, in Selkirk, New York. The train works at DeWitt Yard in Syracuse, New York, before heading west to its destination of Chicago, Illinois.

Photographs taken at Jordan, New York, and Brutus, New York, on March 11, 2022.


  1. Nice images. I like CSX but don't usually get to see them except when visiting relatives in Indiana. They make for good winter subjects with their blue and yellow.

    1. Thanks, Shelly. Yes, the pop of the yellow on the locomotives does work well with winter. CSX is the only Class 1 railroad in the Syracuse area. NS has about an hour and a half south of Syracuse, called the Southern Tier Line. I haven't made it down that way yet.


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